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We at Heritage County trust that components of configuration are the building pieces to make show stopper, we grasp bleeding edge outlines to help each individual living at our properties.


We at Heritage County ensure that we never lose focus and skirt easily overlooked details. We endeavor to accomplish the best by having encountered minds investigate the better subtle elements which gives an aggressive edge to our clients.


We are an organization that are exceptionally enlivened and entranced by our nation may it be our plans, nourishment, conventions, design or workmanship. We make a point to attempt some Indianness in everything..

Welcome to Heritage County

The project consists of combination of as many as 8 theme parks with multiple types of villas on offer to choose from. A spacious club house invites everyone to relax, rejuvenate and mesmerize your moods which makes our villas the best

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. A Spanish Arch welcomes with extensive landscaped buffer zone also ensures privacy and quiet from the main road. Inner roads allow access only to the villas and no thoroughfare or shortcuts are possible, ensuring privacy to all

villas in Sarjapur


The clubhouse is located at the natural lake front, tucked with massive old banyan tree while it is fully equipped with state of art modern amenities; no villa bears the brunt of a get-together here. Adequate distance from the nearest villa, separate visitors parking and landscape, ensure that the clubhouse is truly a benefit to all and not a nuisance to some.

At Heritage Homes - Heritage County, the designs will show you that all the rooms are spacious, airy, well-lit, cross-ventilated and most importantly, fully support the function for which it is intended. A majority of the villas get the benefit of a large parcel of land or even the view of heavily landscaped areas, adjacent to the plot boundaries.

The Heritage Homes - "Heritage County" project site is strategically located, giving your villas in Sarjapur excellent connectivity to Electronic City on one side and Whitefield on the other.

0.2 Km Thindlu Bus Stop
1 Km Baanyan Tree School
1.3 Km Dr Byre Hospital
3 Km Mandara Resort

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